The Nutella-Peanut-Butter Death Spiral (Or, Two Weeks of Being at Home)

It’s been a while, people. I’ll try not to make a million excuses for my lack of posting, but know that things will get back on track shortly! Things that have happened since my last posts:

– summer classes ended
– a spontaneous, hilarious, soul-restoring 24 hours in NYC (more on that later!)
– flying home to Georgia
– catching up with high school friends I haven’t seen in two years
– and….most relevant to that whole blog-posting thing….getting a NEW LAPTOP!

Yes, blogging has been really difficult without a laptop. Even the word “blogging” invokes the image of a lost, soul-searching twentysomething with a coffee mug pulled tightly to her chest and a laptop propped on her knee. Something about sitting at the college library computers to share my witticisms and favorite recipes seemed a little…off. In any case, I’ll be blogging in the more conventional way from now on. Get at me, interwebz.

So far, I’ve spent the last two weeks home in my Georgia town, swiftly inhaling all and any edibles in the kitchen. Is it possible that being home can make one grateful for a mother’s wonderful cooking and wistful for solitary college apartment cooking at the same time? Let me explain.

It is so much easier to eat well and eat in proper portions when you buy and make your own food. I never have to worry about digging away to the bottom of the Nutella jar in college because (in full cognition of my eating habits) I don’t buy Nutella! At home, however, a plethora of wonderful delights await in every nook and cranny of the kitchen. Have you guys ever tried Nutella and peanut butter together? It’s like…the best.

Recently, I came across this article from LifeHack about what junk food cravings really mean. Apparently chocolate cravings mean I should eat almonds?! Weird, but I’ll give it a go, LifeHack.


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